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Children Reachout Uganda is not just an organization; it’s a collective force for good. Established in 2009, our journey began with a shared vision of creating positive change in the world. Grounded in the values of compassion, integrity, and inclusivity, we are dedicated to addressing pressing social issues and improving the lives of children facing adversity.

Driven by the belief that everyone deserves an equal chance at a better life, we focus on holistic goals. Through strategic partnerships, community engagement, and innovative solutions, we strive to tackle the root causes of challenges and create sustainable, long-term improvements. Our commitment to accountability and results is what sets Children Reachout Uganda apart as a trusted ally in the global pursuit of social justice.

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Education serves as a potent catalyst for change, and , we are fully devoted to opening doors of opportunity through learning. Our educational programs center on ensuring equal access to high-quality education for all.

Sanitary Towels

Sanitary towels are vital for maintaining the health and well-being of girls at Children ReachOut Uganda, enabling them to manage their menstrual hygiene with dignity and confidence.We provide sanitary towels as part of its comprehensive support .


Explore our range of products designed to make a difference. Each purchase from our collection not only offers you high-quality products but also contributes directly to our cause. With every item sold, you’re funding our programs.


At Children Reachout Uganda, we are dedicated to ensuring that no one goes hungry. Our nutrition-focused initiatives are designed to tackle food insecurity and malnutrition in vulnerable communities.

Children with Special Needs

We recognize the unique challenges faced by children with special needs and are dedicated to providing them with the support they need to thrive. We strive to create inclusive environments for these children.

Family Support

We acknowledge the significance of family and the hardships encountered by orphans and vulnerable children. Therefore, our commitment lies in offering comprehensive support to both families in crisis and orphaned children.


Voices of Impact: Listen to Those We’ve Helped. Explore heartfelt testimonials from children whose lives have been touched by our organization. From overcoming adversity to finding hope and empowerment, these stories showcase the real difference your support can make


Donating to Children ReachOut Uganda offers a profound opportunity to directly impact the lives of children in need.


As a volunteer, you'll have the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in the lives of children facing adversity.


By fundraising for Children ReachOut Uganda, you're making a tangible difference in the lives of those who need it most.

Sponsor a child

By becoming a sponsor, you provide vital support that enables children to access education

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