Provisional of Scholastic Materials to community children

Under our objective of the advancement of education with a particular focus on children, we carried out a project to Promote Access to Education through provision for Scholastic Needs including Books, Pencils, Pens, Geometry Sets, Toilet Papers, Sanitary Pads and Color Crayons to 300 children, from rural impoverished families in 3 (three) different Communities and we believe that by donating such needs to the children it will be of great support to enable them learn effectively when their most essential needs at school are met.

Project Background

It is fact as a result of poverty facing a big number of people in different communities that a number of Vulnerable Children in the primary and secondary schools in urban communities our target area of operation fail to access education due to lack of scholastic needs including books to write on, pencils/pens to write with, school uniforms to put on, school bags to carry their belongings, geometry sets, toilet papers, sanitary pads, color crayons, food containers among other necessities.

General outcomes:

• Children will be able to attend school most important of all stay in school.

• We will have scholastic materials for the children.

• Children will get essential needs through donated items like school bags and school shoes.


The project has been successfully since we started in 2010 over 200 children benefit from this campaign every year, with the help of partners, companies and community who participated actively at all stages of implementations from of distributing scholastic needs. We thank the support from our partners who provide us with space for fundraising every time we approach them and we therefore look forward to doing more.