Children’s Gala for Hope-REPORT 2016

Children’s gala for hope is an annual children event organized by Children Reachout Uganda and other children organization, the gala is where culture, religion are respected and celebrated. Our humility is acknowledged as the thread that unites us all with the children.

The gala offers children some time for the first time in their lives a direct experience of what it means to live in unity, peace, love and care.

Many of the children who attend have experienced extreme poverty, religious persecution, child labor, gang violence, abuse and neglect.

All the children who attend are given special life skills, care, love, space to heal ,space to share their stories, a chance to be heard ,a space to be empowered, a space to make friends.

The gala is all about mentoring children through different activities that foster excellence in the areas of health, education and social well-being .


  • To deliver relevant activities for children that will aid in their successful development.
  • To introduce and pair children to community leaders as mentors through group and one on one mentoring activities.
  • To partner and build alliances with children organizations, Gov’t institutions, private sector to provide resources that will broaden children through activities that strengthen their social well-being